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7am to 6:00pm, Monday to Friday
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Early Education Learning Centres is an innovative provider of Long Day Care Children’s Services. It’s the start of a child’s development, their education, and of a family’s relationship with us - a foundation to build upon.

We provide five star facilities; simply bring your child, a change of clothes, nappies, wipes and any prescribed medication as we provide the rest. Our Centres are filled with the best resources and equipment, educational material, music and movement classes are also offered to families and much more. Our facilities include:

Gets children familiar with today’s technology so they are building towards tomorrow.

Promotes social skills and maintains centre cleanliness.

Our centres provide nutritious food. We use an outside catering company who cater four childcare centres –Kids Gourmet Foods.

All rooms & outdoor areas have plenty of equipment and educational material to ensure children are stimulated, challenged & have fun.

Our centres have the latest technology high security protection, incl. CCTV.

Purpose designed indoor and outdoor areas that provide an environment that is stimulating, challenging and secure.

All programs are prepared with a strong emphasis on not only the fundamentals such as language, literacy and maths, but on creative arts (such as artwork & music), building of life skills, problem solving and investigation, all while considering the child’s needs, wants and interests. A multicultural environment with various cultures respected and integrated into daily activities and programs.

Each room has a weekly program prepared by trained Early Education Learning Centres Teachers. The programs and activities provided offer each child experiences that are appropriate to their stages of development, including a school readiness program for children in their final year prior to entering kindergarten at school. The school readiness program focuses on pre reading, pre writing, pre maths, pre science, music, creative arts and language development, all the building blocks required for future learning and getting ready for “big school” emotionally. Our Centres are fully licensed by the NSW Department of Community Services (DoCS) and registered with the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC).

Early Education Learning Centres philosophy has been established to ensure all team members provide consistent high quality care to the children who are spending their time at our service. The Philosophy is a work in progress. We believe that this will be added to, improved, expanded upon and revised at various intervals. We welcome additions and contributions by parents and team members to our philosophy. Parents are also invited to participate in making of and the revision of Early Education Learning Centres’ policies. Team Members are encouraged to work with parents to ensure they understand the values and attitudes we place on the importance of their child’s learning and development. Team Members will inform parents of practices to ensure high quality standards are met in developing direct links between;

 The Centre and the child’s chosen primary school
 The Centre and other early childhood organizations the individual child may be involved with
 The Centre and the broader community We hope you enjoy our website and parents please feel welcome to make an appointment to visit a Centre near you so you can meet our friendly and dedicated team.